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Welcome to Minsk...
Sightseen Tours

Dear Guests!

We would be glad to offer you to visit the moust famose and interesting places in Belarus, provdinig you your individual sights tour program or your own tour route with the personal english speaking guide and transportation.

The personal guide service rates are:

8 hours outside the city (including transportaton Volvo S80)                110 usd or100 eur               
8 hours inside the city (including trasportation Volvo S80)                      80 usd or 70 eur

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Entrance tickets shoud be extra paid.

We will be glad to develop your own tour program which can include wounderful and world known places such as:

National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve Niasvizh invites you to visit our small town located in 112 km south-west of Minsk. Only having been to Niasvizh, you could see the history of Belarus and literally touch it, visiting the famous Palace and Park Ensemble and the Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church, which were inscribed into the World Heritage List of UNESCO, as well as the Town Hall, Slutsk Gates and other architectural monuments. Today Niasvizh has become a modern tourist centre with elegant cafes and restaurants, numerous souvenir shops and rich museum exhibitions. Comfortable hotels, located in the palace, will provide an opportunity to consider our town and to relax in the surrounding of antiques.

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Mir Castle Complex
Its doors are always opened for people who are indifferent to the ancient architecture, for those who want to communicate with the living history of Belarus! 

The architectural treasury of the country contains not very many masterpieces such as Mir Castle. Restoring the castle carefully, within the walls and in the landscape ensemble we have built a unique tourist brand, a place of attraction for thousands of travelers from dozens of countries. 
Traditionally,  castle provides a fascinating tour program: unique exhibits, the story of the eventful life of famous princely families, the owners of the castle - Radziwill and Svyatopolk-Mirsky. 
But no less meaningful is modern life of the castle, which began after 30 years of restoration. Today the complex has two modern conference rooms for holding international forums of the highest level: hall with 40 seats and room for 200 seats, equipped with sound amplification system and simultaneous translation into four languages. 
Gastronomic excursion into the world of old Polish and old Lithvanian cuisine provides you restaurant and night club "Tower." And the castle hotel, which is the only in the country can house about 30 visitors in its 15 rooms. 
In 2000, Mir Castle according to decision of the organization UNESCO was included in the World Heritage List as a great example of the Central European castle and the display of significant cultural and historical events. UNESCO certificate served as the highest award for research teams, restorers, hundreds of volunteers - all who participated in revival of Mir.

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Open-air museum "Dudutki"

In 40 km from Minsk on coast of the river Ptich is a historical open-air museum “Dudutki”. Going through the museum you will plunge into the atmosphere of the beginning of 19 centuries, will get acquainted with way of a rural life and learn secrets of ancient crafts. On territory of a museum there is great Wind-mill. In a small house of the miller you’ll taste ancient alcoholic Drink-“Self-race” and salty Cucumbers with honey.



Historical and Cultural Complex "Stalin`s line"

The Historical and Cultural Complex “Stalin`s line” was founded to the sixty years anniversary of the Victory of soviet people in the Great Patriotic war, it was opened on the 30th of June 2005 in memory of Minsk defenders. It is the memorial of the year 1941 and the museum of the first days of the Great Patriotic war.
“Stalin`s line” is the chain of defensive installations along the former USSR frontier from Karelian Isthmus to the shores of Black sea. It consisted from twenty three fortified regions including more than four thousand permanent weapon emplacements (pillboxes). It was a strong reinforced-concrete covering force 1200 kilometers long. Four fortified regions – Polotsk, Minsk, Slutsk, Mozyr – were situated on the territory of Belarus. There were nine hundred sixty-six pillboxes. Fortified regions formed a united defence line. The entire line of the fortified regions had been built since 1928 till the autumn 1939. Minsk’s fortified region No 63, which was 140 kilometers long included 327 pillboxes. On the 26-28th of June 1941 at the lines of the Minsk`s fortified region started fierce fights with the attacker units of the fascist army.
The exposition Military-historical museum was created and planed so, that from the first steps a visitor could feel the spirit of the times. The opportunity to be absorbed in history is one of the distinctive features of the museum. The basis of the exposition is original pillboxes. All entrenchments and communication trenches with rifle-pits for machine-guns and with blindages and recesses for ammunition were reconstructed according to the designs of the year 1940.
The park of military equipment of different years is of special importance in the museum. It is the most complete exposition in the Republic of Belarus of all artillery and military equipment, which was adopted in different years, beginning from the war times.
Adapted for the stage reconstruction of fights is carried out in the museum, it gives us an opportunity to see the fights which took place at the line of the Minsk fortified region in June.

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Currency rates in Minsk


  • Cash machine (Proletarskaya metro station) 200m
  • Food market (Serofimovicha  St.20) 300m
  • Cinema “RAKETA» 400 m
  • Pizzeria “Rabochiy periulok 3» 300 m
  • Metro Station "Proletarskaya" 200m
  • Post office (Fabrichnaya St. 29) 400m